FERTILIZER APPLICATION: Our lawns are fed three times a year with a high quality, phosphorus free, blend of slow released nutrients


WEED MANAGEMENT: Weeds are managed on every visit through physical removal and spot treating, and entire lawn is treated shortly after spring and fall germinations with an iron based control product


GRUB CONTROL: We offer natural treatments late summer to reduce grub populations and minimize risk of infestations.


CRABGRASS CONTROL: Natural pre-emergent crabgrass control is offered in spring.


LIME APPLICATION: Treatment of areas in lawn where soil tends to be acidic, from surrounding evergreens or pet usage, lime can help to balance pH levels.

Caledon Lawn Care Services


AERATION: Every other year on clay based soils is what we recommend, to reduce compaction and allow water and fertilizer to effectively reach root systems.


TOPDRESSING: Replenish older lawns with a layer of soil full of micro and macro nutrients every 3 to 4 years to maintain lawn vitality.


OVERSEEDING: Evenly spreading grass seeds into existing lawn can help rejuvenate areas which may have been weakened from extended drought in summer months, or stressed due to less than ideal mowing or watering habits.


GARDEN MAINTENANCE: Spring and Fall Cleanups include overall tidying of garden areas, removal of debris and fallen leaves. Light pruning of deadwood from shrubs and perennials prepares plants for vigorous spring growth or for winter dormancy.


MULCHING: Open soil in garden areas can be covered with a layer of 3 inches of cedar mulch. The benefits are aesthetically pleasing and mulch aides in protecting plants root systems from moisture loss . Mulch provides season long, maintenance free weed control in garden areas. 


SPRING GARDEN TILLING: We do all the heavy work so your focus can stay on the planting and harvesting of your valuable fruits and vegetables. 

The grass is greener where we take care of it!